Focus on high-end website construction

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In focus,The website construction

Began 2008 - 2019 Looking to the future
Focusing on the design experience,Specialized in the solution

Design control,Also drunk

Not to be tall,Just be bent on the design
We want to,A good case again

Technology,The theory of research and development
I said,The industry did not have a best technology,Only the best technology developers
Custom research and development,For your clients and team
First impressions are most lasting,Layout of the future
Overall layoutPCAnd at the end of the tubeMobileEnd
Grab the first opportunity
Based on theHtml5Responsive layout,Intelligent identification of a variety of terminal equipment
What we can do
They praised technology net long-term cooperation
Different media,The same wonderful
  • The response type mobile web site construction
  • Responsive tablet website construction
  • The response typePCThe website construction

Hit a visual design trends of the soul
Careful layout of the user experience
Freely through any terminal
Present in front of customers

  • Compatible with MicrosoftIEThe browser's web page design
  • Compatible with GoogleChromeThe browser's web site design
  • Compatible with firefoxFirefoxThe browser's web page design
  • With the companySafariThe browser's web site design

Html5 + CSS3 Responsive layout
Excellence in most browsers
Because of the high-end,So outstanding

  • AcrosswindowsPlatform site production
  • AcrossiosPlatform site production
  • AcrossandriodPlatform site production

Based on the B/S The architecture of the website construction
Cross-platform application of accessibility
Do not need to users to download installation can be used
The cloud management,Easy maintenance

Do you think to see all of the site?
Integrated marketing,Grab business

The summit,Not to get a good view of the scenery,In order to find a higher peak
Sunrise east,Bid farewell to the glory of yesterday,Will shine to further afield
Along the way,We are more concerned about how to accumulation and precipitation

The next second,Let you see,How strong we really are
Major science and technology

Was established2008Years,Located Yu Donghu high-tech development zone,Is good Internet service provider in China。Since its establishment,Focus on the high-end website construction、Mobile Internet applications、B/SArchitecture system research and development、Cloud server deployment and operational,Internet applications to provide one-stop service for enterprise customers。

We always adhere to customer demand-oriented,In the pursuit of user experience design,Provide targeted project solution,We will continuously surpass ourselves,Challenge the high mountains!

Put down the honor,Look to the future
  • 2009Years-Won the open innovation enterprise
  • 2aa000Years-Design alliance selection for gold medal design enterprise
  • 2aa000Years-Won the district of high and new technology enterprise
  • 2011Years-Successful registration "Praised " The trademark,Establish a brand
  • 2013Years-Has independent intellectual property rights,The state of software copyright4Item
211A corporate customer trust167On the market/Group enterprise design work2011The annual gold medal design company4National software copyright96%Above rate of the customer
Scanning concern WeChat public account

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